The issue of wrong-way deaths is outrageous ["Wrong-way death," News, July 30]. When is the government going to do something about this problem? There are things that can be done.

In some places, when a driver enters a street on the wrong side, there are red reflectors. They can only be seen by someone going the wrong way. If you're going the right way, the reflectors appear white. This doesn't take too much imagination or cost, and it may save lives.

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Or we could erect a lamppost with a red light on each ramp, which would be triggered by a vehicle going the wrong way. It could be triggered 75 feet ahead, giving the driver time to stop. If the driver ignores the red light, the next triggering device could raise spikes in the road to puncture a tire.

If the people complain that this would be too expensive, just charge $3 extra for every license renewal and registration. The public is tired of the do-nothing attitude of the politicians and the powers that be.

Ron Van Dina, Woodbury