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Good Afternoon

Letters: Stop the litter on beaches and roads

Litter sits on the ground near a swing

Litter sits on the ground near a swing at Scudder Park in Northport, Sept. 2, 2015. Credit: Ed Betz

I read Michael Dobie’s column “Squashing the litterbugs” [Opinion, May 22] as I was having my morning coffee with my husband. He had just returned from his daily surf fishing trip to Long Beach in St. James. Coincidentally, he was telling me about seeing all the trash at the beach from the weekend partying. He also said someone had untied all the kayaks and stoned the horseshoe crabs.

What possesses people to do such things? We both grew up in St. James, raised our children here and have grandchildren here. We have seen our lovely little community disintegrating. What happened to local pride?

Do they think about the consequences when they throw garbage on the ground? I taught my children before they could even talk never to throw garbage on the ground. It was either put it in the trash can or give it to Mom, and it went in my purse till we got home.

It breaks my heart to see our community and beaches abused with litter, vandalism and dog droppings. People let dogs run on the beach and do their business, and then they leave without picking it up.

I agree with you about cameras, but why do we have to resort to such measures? Officials check my husband for his fishing license, but what about the litterbugs, dog owners and vandals?

Helen Mustapich, St. James


It’s disgusting the litter we have in Suffolk County along our beautiful roads.

Minor offenders should be given garbage bags and put out along the roads, with supervision, to pick up the garbage. In Georgia, I’ve seen convicts along the road picking up, supervised by an armed guard.

Lois R. Brinkley, Manorville