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Letters: Streep right to protest Trump’s mockery

Meryl Streep is one of the latest celebrities

Meryl Streep is one of the latest celebrities to speak out against Donald Trump. Credit: Getty Images / Angela Weiss

Thank God for people like Meryl Streep [“Trump pans Streep after speech,” News, Jan. 10]. I’m the father of a developmentally disabled son. When I heard Donald Trump mimic a disabled person, it turned my stomach.

Streep is correct in saying that behavior like that filters down to impressionable children. I know this firsthand, as my son was made fun of while growing up, and the children involved got their ideas from adults, not their peers.

Gene Reynolds, Ridge


I found two recent letters in Newsday troubling [“Stars shouldn’t mar awards with politics,” Jan. 17].

One letter chastised Meryl Streep for her speech at the Golden Globe awards, writing that she “does not have the right to tell me her political opinion.”

Streep certainly has the right, as does everyone else in our country, to air her beliefs. If you listened to her speech, it wasn’t very political at all. She was lamenting the heinous mocking of a disabled reporter by President Donald Trump, and calling for civility and respect. Her speech was about bullying, not politics.

If people don’t speak out against bullying and disrespect, then we all have a serious problem.

Michael Golden, Great Neck