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Letters: Supreme Court must adhere to the Constitution

The Supreme Court in Washington.

The Supreme Court in Washington. Credit: AP / Jessica Gresko

I just read Newsday’s editorial on the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and your rationale on his possible successors [“Pick a centrist for the court,” June 28].

After the great Justice Lewis Powell’s retirement in 1987, nominee Robert Bork, one of the great legal scholars of the 20th century, was rejected by the Senate on a vote of 58-42. What happened to Bork was a national disgrace. Your editorial calls Bork “radical.” Well he was radical. He actually believed that decisions from the Supreme Court should be based on what the Constitution literally says, not what some judges change it to say for their own purposes.

I went to the National Archives to see a copy of the Constitution. It is not a living, breathing document. The left says it is, so it can change the Constitution to whatever its side wants, instead of what the document says.

Our country will be a lot better off when we go back to interpreting laws based on what the Constitution literally says instead of what individuals want it to say. I am confident that whomever President Donald Trump chooses will do that.

Joe Fierro,


I find it rather funny that Newsday’s editorial states that Anthony Kennedy would have best served the nation by waiting to retire after the 2018 midterm elections and the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

As Barack Obama once proclaimed, “Elections have consequences.” Now that Republicans control Congress and the White House, we can finally move to a Supreme Court that adheres to the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended, not a progressive interpretation as a living, breathing document, as the left suggests.

The dwindling confidence in government, lack of respect for government leaders and a coarsening national conversation are byproducts of the left’s push during the Obama administration, and now during Donald Trump’s presidency, to create a hostile environment in which conservatives cannot express themselves on campuses, dine in restaurants or hold conservative points of view without being ridiculed and attacked. The media’s ongoing full assault on conservatism and anything Trump does is despicable. We need another conservative Supreme Court justice to make America judicial again.

Steven Belmonte,