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LETTERS: Supreme Court ruling, LIE crash and more

From democracy to 'corpocracy'

The Supreme Court ruling permitting unlimited corporate funding in political campaigns completes the decline of America from a democracy to a corpocracy. Newsday's editorial , in underestimating the effect of this ruling, suggests there will be a counterbalance to the billions of dollars that will flow against any candidate who threatens business interests.

How can Newsday editors justify the comment that "technology has the great power to equalize speech for all of us," when the laws that protect us are reversed by corporations controlling the legislative process? It is up to you and me to demand that our representatives stand up for campaign finance reform.

Charles A. Perretti



We can vote with our dollars, too

It is clear to me that in light of the Supreme Court overturning the ban on corporate spending in federal elections , new laws protecting the consumer should be passed.

From now on, every product purchased, every advertisement, billboard and contract, should contain a statement by the company declaring which candidates and policies the corporation supports. Since our consumer dollars will now be used, without limitations, to support policies and candidates that will cater to corporate and special interests, the consumer must be made aware. Consumers will need to know how the profits from our purchases will be spent.

We the people will vote with our dollars.

Michele Murray



LIE crash highlights safety concern

I'm thankful that Marie Medina survived the crash on the Long Island Expressway . But as a former tractor trailer driver, I cannot tell you how many accidents have occurred because drivers of automobiles think these 80,000-pound trucks can stop or turn on a dime.

Drivers of all types of vehicles need to remember that if your vehicle cannot keep up to minimum speed, you should get into the right lane and pull onto the shoulder as soon as it is safe to do so. Trying to get to the next exit, where there might not be any services, is not worth the risk to yourself or other drivers.

Michael Buksa

Islip Terrace


Politicians' raises are bait and switch

Nassau County and Town of Hempstead Republicans campaigned in the fall to cut spending and taxes. Yet, the first thing they do after being voted in is to raise their own salaries. Isn't bait and switch against the law?

Gary M. Carlton

Valley Stream