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LETTERS: Teacher contracts, Jack Abrams School and more


Reopening contracts not a one-way street


"Fiscal reality for schools" urged public unions to voluntarily reopen contracts and agree to financial concessions that include wage freezes. Please know that negotiated contracts are formulated in good faith and agreed upon by both parties. Let's turn the tables. In prosperous times, do you think that governing bodies would ever consider reopening public union contracts, negotiated during rough times, to now "share the wealth?" Never.

Fred Seiden

North Babylon



Don't move students; address crime issue


Both my children attended Huntington Intermediate (now Jack Abrams) School . Inside the building they received a high-quality education; it is the activity outside the building that disturbs me and the other citizens of Huntington Station.

There was a shooting seven years ago. The community rallied, the politicians listened, promises were made by law enforcement. All was "good" for a while; then another shooting, the community rallied again, promises were made again. Now here we are again.

I don't believe moving the students is the answer. Why can't the police and town leaders provide a safe area for the residents and the students? Why must we deal with this activity year after year?

Rich Morris

Huntington Station



Shame on you, Dems, for passing health bill


So President Barack Obama finally got his health care bill passed "A historic day at the White House," News, March 24]. He didn't care about the process, which means he didn't care how many arms were twisted or how many Democrats were threatened, as long as this bill passed.

I wish these representatives, who are going to lose their jobs anyway, had stood up and said "If I am going to lose my job, let it be lost with a vote against this assault on the freedom of the American people." Who do they represent? Shame on them all!

Linda Pascuma

Massapequa Park



Thank you, Dems, for passing health bill


As a struggling married mother of two children, there is no greater happiness than having health care reform passed. My husband and I have always worked while raising a family. We have each been through a few different jobs, and this has meant not having health coverage at times. We own a house and this is scary, as medical bills can bankrupt you.

We had our son when we did not have health insurance and had to take out a home-equity loan to pay off the bills. This is what happens without health care. We are grateful to President Barack Obama and the Democrats for making health reform happen.

Margo Birkenhead

Port Jefferson Station


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