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Letters: Teachers are society's scapegoats

Bureaucrats and politicians are so far removed from the realities of the classroom, yet they dictate policy regarding teacher evaluations based on tests ["New evaluations are difficult to fail," Editorial, June 17]? Teachers have become the scapegoats for a society that is failing its children. Why are our kids falling behind?

Why don't we focus on the instability of family life in America? Why don't we understand that teachers are competing with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a whole host of technical distractions that were not present a generation ago?

A child today is more focused on his smartphone than on his education. A child today has no sense of classroom authority and the meaning of discipline. Their role models are pop stars and hip-hop artists who glorify an anti-establishment mindset in their messages.

Children today have been empowered to believe that they can do whatever they choose, and society will make some excuse for their poor performance. So teachers are being evaluated for the failures of a society that has lost touch with the importance of academics.

Frank Lombardo, Kings Park

Editor's note: The writer is a retired teacher.


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