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Letters: Teachers don't work for parents

A file photo of a teacher in a

A file photo of a teacher in a classroom. (June 16, 2006) Credit: Getty Images

In all the years I spent in the classroom, I never once considered myself as working for the parents of my students ["Money and schools," Letters, Oct. 2]. I worked for the students.

I realize that many parents work long hours, in and out of the home. However, I am also a parent of a child with special medical needs. Is it the responsibility of my daughter's doctors to make sure I follow their orders? I don't expect the doctors to come to my house and administer her daily medicines and treatments.

By working closely with my daughter's medical team, I have not only kept her as healthy as possible, I have shown respect for the time and dedication the doctors have shown my daughter and family.

Teachers and administrators deserve that same respect.

Ellen Fusaro Dove, Hauppauge

Teachers do not work for parents. They work for the school district.

Yes, parents have a right to expect teachers to do their job well, just as teachers have a right to expect the same of parents. We are all tired after working hard. A teacher's day does not end at 3!

This is how the blame game is played. Blame someone else and blow off your part.

Lynda Sposato, Baldwin