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LETTERS: Term limits, health care and more


Time for term limits


Budget deficits, high taxes, lack of job growth and unethical behavior by our elected officials are only symptoms of the problems we face. The real problem is that the New York State Legislature is ineffective. Our elected officials are more interested in raising money from special interests for their next campaign than in working for the people of New York. One solution is to implement term limits. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It's something that all citizens should support.

Richard Hoffman

Great Neck



Pass health care - or lose your benefits


Republicans and Democrats have heart attacks and get cancer. Some plan is better than no plan. We will remember the obstructionist Republicans at election time. For legislators to blindly support their party and disregard the electorate is unconscionable. What makes these officials, who have great health benefits when some folks have none, so arrogant? Let's take away their coverage until they act responsibly. Put up, pass a bill or lose your health insurance.

Jeffrey Myles Klein




Working alarms can help save lives


Over and over, those of us who deal with emergencies tell the public the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. This past Sunday was a clear example of why people need to stop shaking their heads and actually listen.

First, a mother and son nearly lost their lives because of a gas-powered generator being used in the house. Later, a Manhasset man was not as lucky. Officials believe careless smoking sparked the blaze.

Both of these incidents were preventable. This weekend, we "spring forward" for Daylight Saving Time. While you set your clocks, change the batteries in existing alarms or install alarms if you don't have them. Not all fires or injuries can be prevented, but the odds of surviving increase by being prepared.

Sam Kille


Editor's note: The writer is director of public relations for the American Red Cross in Nassau County.



A hearty shout out from Mastic Beach


I want to thank that there Newsday for telling everybody that we ain't got none of that highfalutin' cable stuff in Mastic Beach. Tarnation, maybe even my side of town can get some elektrisity now so's I can put in one of them cement ponds this summer.

Well, I gotta go and slop the hogs before nightfall. Thanky kindly!

Paul Breschard

Mastic Beach

Editor's note: The writer is chairman of the Mastic Beach Village Exploratory Committee.


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