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Letters: Texting while stopped is legal

An man works his phone as he drives

An man works his phone as he drives through traffic in Dallas. (Feb. 26, 2013) Photo Credit: AP

There is not much that shocks me any more, but I must admit that your piece in Sunday's paper did ["Email OK at a red light," News, Aug. 25]. You reported that state law allows a driver to use an electronic device as long as the car is not moving. It made me wonder, what about at a stop sign? Or stopped in traffic on the Long Island Expressway?

We citizen taxpayers like to think that our elected representatives in Albany read and put some thought into legislation before voting yea or nay. Every one of them has staff who also read, discuss and advise their boss before he or she votes.

We're talking about hundreds of professionals, including lawyers, who are supposed to know what they are doing.

Peter Kelly, Medford

I'd like to thank you for doing drivers a great disservice and publishing that according to the wording of the law, it's OK to email and text while sitting at a red light.

You may have created hundreds of dangerous situations, involving people sitting at lights that have turned green, reading an email or sending off an unimportant text message. Sometimes these details are better left unprinted for the greater good of safe driving.

Dan Didden, Merrick