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Good Afternoon

Letters: The mishigas of local taxes

The Nassau County Assessor's office in Mineola.

The Nassau County Assessor's office in Mineola. Credit: Charles Eckert

I have read several informedcomments and stories regarding Nassau's assessment problems ["Nassau's debt, explained," News, Oct. 28]. Residential certiorari refunds account for only 20 percent of the $100 million in annual payments, and $64 million comes from just 500 commercial properties.

You cannot correct the fluctuating residential assessments and their rates until you correct the commercial assessments, because residential assessments also must repay the commercial claims and refunds.

The county's records are embarrassingly wrong. Office buildings are classified as industrial buildings, and values are way off. Some are too high and some too low.

There is only one group that can correct the assessment system -- local commercial real estate brokers. The assessor knows this, but for unstated reasons refuses to fix the system. The system will never be corrected until the powers that be want to correct it.

Jack Britvan, Woodbury

Editor's note: The writer is former president of the downstate chapter of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors and president of Commercial Realty Services of Long Island.

Just before every Election Day for the last 50 years, politicians knocked on my door seeking my vote and told me they wouldn't raise my taxes. In 50 years, my taxes went from $400 a year to more than $9,000. So who raised my taxes, George Washington?

John Hales, North Massapequa