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Letters: The president made a clear case on Iran

President Donald Trump announces on Tuesday his decision

President Donald Trump announces on Tuesday his decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Credit: Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

Columnist Lane Filler writes that Americans should not base their opinions solely on what we are told by our tribal leaders (President Donald Trump and his advisers), but rather on the evidence at hand [“Our knee-jerk rush to judgments,” Opinion, May 9].

The evidence at hand on withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement was presented in a televised speech. A case was set forth asserting Iran’s lies before the deal, that nation’s quest for ballistic missiles, its domination in the region and its role as a state sponsor of terrorism. Evidence was also given by the Israeli government about Iran’s intentions and deception regarding its desire to obtain nuclear weapons.

The president said Iran’s justification for uranium enrichment was “a giant fiction.” Iran is one of the richest oil-supplying nations. One would have to be naive to believe that it is interested only in energy.

Lawrence J. Beufve,


Many people do not remember that in 1979, Iran was among the most Westernized of all Arab nations.

Employees of Long Island’s Grumman Corp., where I was an inventory control manager, were in that nation helping Iranians build warehouses to store spare parts for 79 Grumman F-14 fighter jets sold to Iran. Then things changed that year with the Islamic revolution.

When the Grumman employees returned, they said Iranians loved Americans. Should the Americans need help, those Iranians would be on our side.

Various popular protests show that many Iranians have no love for President Hassan Rouhani and his followers.

John Herman,

North Babylon