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Letters: The real nanny-state overreach

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, center, with the

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, center, with the production crew during a walk through in preparation for his speech at the Republican National Convention, Thursday, July 21, 2016, in Cleveland. At right is his daughter Ivanka. Credit: AP

I’ve never read a more distorted version of reality than “The GOP really wants a nanny state” [“Opinion, July 25]. To claim that maintaining the status quo regarding heterosexual marriage and gender-specific public toilets constitutes government insinuation into peoples’ lives is absolutely preposterous.

I’m not taking a position on the virtues of same-sex marriage or gender-neutral toilets. However, the massive modifications needed to achieve those changes to satisfy the desires or insecurities of a tiny portion of the populous is what constitutes a burgeoning and overreaching nanny state.

Majority be damned; liberal government knows what’s best for us.

Kevin Lowry, Elmont


Is the GOP conservative [“Conservative tenets can enable Americans,” Letters, Aug. 8]?

Since 1994, the GOP has been increasingly reactionary. It believes in no regulations, and one of the architects of the Glass-Steagall Act repeal was then-Sen. Phil Gramm, a powerful Republican. Glass-Steagall was created to help keep banks from wrecking the economy. This GOP is giving conservatives a bad name.

Lorraine Huzar, Jericho


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