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Letters: Too many holes in LaGuardia plan

A rendering of an aerial view of the

A rendering of an aerial view of the future LaGuardia Airport, which would feature a unified terminal. Credit: NY Governor's Office

The overhaul of LaGuardia Airport is long overdue ["Flying high at LaGuardia," Editorial, July 28]. However, the plan doesn't seem to include altering the runways.

The runways are only 7,000 feet long, which makes for a tough landing in bad weather. Most major airports' runways are 10,000 feet long. As a student pilot, I'm concerned about air safety.

I was returning from the West Coast on American Airlines several years ago, and there was a major storm. We landed on LaGuardia's Runway 13. The pilot did a superb job. Because of the falling barometer, the plane did not have as much lift. He went immediately to reverse thrust and was pumping the brakes. When we stopped, I could see the bay up close. The flight attendant said, "We're here," with an inflection that seemed to say thank goodness. Longer runways would mean more air safety for everyone.

Michael Luna, North Babylon

Newsday's editorial rightly applauds the plan to rebuild LaGuardia Airport. However, this project as described in the media is missing some essential elements.

First, as the airport terminals move to the edge of the Grand Central Parkway, the current parking lots will disappear. What is the plan for replacing the parking?

Second, the AirTrain would connect the airport to the Willets Point Long Island Rail Road and subway stations, but not to the Jamaica LIRR station. This is great for access to Manhattan and Queens but grossly inadequate for Long Island.

Without addressing these two missing elements, this plan will be a missed opportunity to relieve much congestion on the roads as well as at the airport itself.

Jeff Konzet, Valley Stream

I've been flying in and out of LaGuardia a few times a year since 1963. I have some serious problems with the plans described for the "new" LaGuardia.

What happens to the parking lots and garages when the terminals are moved closer to the parkway? Also, I would love to use mass transit, but a rail connection to the LIRR station at Willets Point does me no good at all, as I travel on the Babylon branch.

A rail connection to the LIRR Jamaica station-AirTrain from LaGuardia would be a good solution and allow travelers to make their way between JFK and LGA by rail. This seems so obvious, but has not been mentioned.

There used to be direct bus service from the airport to Jamaica station.

If we want to keep people out of cars, we need to supply transit options that benefit more travelers than just those who live near the Port Washington branch of the LIRR.

Jan Collier, Wantagh


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