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Letters: Tragic loss, hot-plate questions

Many gather and light candles during a vigil

Many gather and light candles during a vigil in front of a family house in Brooklyn on March 22, 2015, where seven siblings were killed in a house fire. Credit: Yeong-Ung Yang

Many people were upset after reading about the seven siblings in Brooklyn who died in a fire that consumed their home ["An outpouring of grief," News, March 24]. It was reported that the fire was started by an electric hot plate being used by the family to facilitate their observance of the Sabbath.

That hot plate had to be defective or misused. Government authorities should investigate and report the findings. Manufacturers of hot plates will need to eliminate the dangers in their products.

Saul I. Weinstein, Woodmere

As we grieve for the terrible loss of life in the Brooklyn fire, perhaps fire officials can offer a suggestion to the Orthodox community. Instead of using hot plates, they should use a slow cooker to keep food warm. Crockpots are devised to keep food warm at a very low voltage. They are covered and much safer than hot plates.

Mary P. Pearce, Remsenburg