I would like to respond to the letter writer who took issue with the 70 or so legislators who snubbed the president’s inauguration [“Two days that shook the world, Jan. 24]. The writer wanted to know whether they had the full backing of their constituents in suspending their jobs in our democracy.

Isn’t the president, in accordance with our Constitution, supposed to select a nominee for Supreme Court justice when it’s necessary? Hearings are then held to analyze the president’s choice.

When this situation arose last year, did constituents give their full backing to Republican legislators who refused to even hold hearings on Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s nominee for the court?

Lynn Baglio, Mount Sinai


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It’s popular among people on the left to say that President Donald Trump only got 46 percent of the popular vote [“Two days that shook the world,” Letters, Jan. 24].

Let me recall the 1992 presidential election. There were more than 104 million votes cast, and Bill Clinton got only 43 percent of them, or 44.9 million. But he won 370 Electoral College votes and became president, because that’s how it works.

We all need to move on and allow Trump to make good on his promises to increase security and prosperity for all Americans.

Don Karlsen, Farmingdale