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Letters: Trump policy on Muslims disturbing

Donald Trump urged a ban on Muslims entering

Donald Trump urged a ban on Muslims entering the country in a statement on his website posted Monday, Dec. 7, 2015. Credit: Getty Images / Alex Wong

I am a Muslim U.S. citizen, but even if I were a good Christian, I wouldn’t want Donald Trump for my president [“Critics baffle Trump backers,” News, Dec. 15]. He comes off as having delusions of God-like powers, and that’s a scary thought.

Khullat Alladin, Syosset


I am astounded at the poor memories of many people in this country in regard to world history.

I’m old enough to remember the phrase “never again” attached to the Holocaust after World War II. A madman galvanizee his country by blaming Jews for everything that was wrong. Are we not doing the same thing with peace-loving Muslims?

Sure, there are murderous barbarians who hide under the cloak of the Muslim religion, but they are not Muslims, they are criminals.

Did we ban Italians from entering our country at the height of the Mafia’s power? Did we ban the Irish when the Irish mob terrorized parts of New England and elsewhere? Did we ban Russians when the Russian mobs terrorized parts of our country? The answer, as you know, is no.

When are we and the good Muslim community going to join ranks to rid the world of this group of barbarians?

Bill Kirby, Garden City