I must agree with Donald Trump that he couldn’t get an unbiased trial with the judge overseeing the Trump University case [“Trump off base in vilifying judge,” Editorial, June 7].

Trump should have the same privilege as every other defendant to object to a judge. Trump could pick a white American. He could check his ancestry to make sure that there are only white Americans in his lineage. He could also check the new judge’s religion, political registration and whether he’s planning to vote for Trump in the fall.

I am a World War II veteran and cannot understand how a supposedly intelligent person like Trump could express such anti-American views . . . and how everyone doesn’t express outrage at his rants.

Stanford Berman, Jericho


Just as one should not marry someone in the hope that she or he will change, one should not support a candidate in the hope that she or he will change after being elected. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Anyone who believes otherwise most likely believes in the tooth fairy as well.

Barbara Cohen, Glen Cove

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Elaine Fishbane, Manhasset