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Letters: Trump’s smart steps — and missteps

President-elect Donald Trump listens to a question during

President-elect Donald Trump listens to a question during a news conference in Trump Tower in Manhattan, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017. Credit: AP

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Mexican government is upset with President Donald Trump [“Rift with Mexico widens,” News, Jan. 27]. Thankfully, Trump is keeping his campaign promises to finally enforce our immigration laws and stand up to the corrupt Mexican government.

One of the main reasons I supported Trump was his stance on illegal immigration. I’m so tired about hearing that we are a country of immigrants. We are first and foremost a country of laws. Many immigrants from Mexico and Central America have been disregarding our rule of law.

Not only does the Mexican government turn a blind eye to illegal immigration, it allows Mexican drug cartels to flood American streets with deadly heroin.

Trump was not shy about his views and what policies he was going to implement. It’s time for those on the left to realize this. If Trump’s policies cause a rift with Mexico, so be it. It is surely about time.

David Regina, Nesconset


Hyperventilating anti-Trump media need to step back, take a deep breath and try to exercise some reasoned circumspection about the so-called anti-Muslim travel ban [“Court keeps ban on hold,” News, Feb. 6]. There are at least 40 other predominantly Muslim countries, including the biggest in the world, Indonesia, that aren’t affected by the order.

The seven on the list are the same as those Obama singled out for additional vetting.

Many liberals and conservatives agree that the nation needs to tighten our immigration policies, with much better vetting from terrorist strongholds in the Middle East. President Donald Trump is merely taking the first, long-overdue step to accomplish that goal.

Is a temporary ban really that unreasonable?

John F. Picciano, Westbury


The slogan we kept hearing from supporters of President Donald Trump was that he knows how to get things done. Well, being the president of the United States is not the same thing as running a family business.

Trump is used to snapping his fingers and making decisions to make money for his family and his businesses. The presidency doesn’t work that way.

His rush to sign executive orders sends the wrong message. The president’s responsibilty includes considering how his decisions will affect everyone.

His sound bites and platitudes got him elected; however, that’s history. Unless he learns or cares about being a leader and working with all of our citizens, his presidency will go down in history as a complete failure.

Trump has done more to divide this country in three weeks than anyone did in four years in the modern era.

Henry Beyer Woodmere