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Letters: Trump, tweets and immigration policy

Trump signed two orders to review a banking

Trump signed two orders to review a banking law and a retirement advice rule on Feb. 3, 2017. Credit: Getty Images / Drew Angerer

Since President Donald Trump’s election, many Long Island immigrants have been living in terror of deportation [“Uniting their voices against restriction,” News, Feb. 2]. Deportations could result in families and communities being ripped apart, businesses losing critical employees, and consumers finding themselves unable to obtain services of all kinds that have been provided by taxpaying, immigrant workers.

I call upon the Suffolk County Legislature and sheriff to follow the legal guidance offered by New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman to limit participation and cooperation with federal immigration officials.

A majority of Suffolk residents voted for Trump, but do we really want the chaos his policies will cause?

Frances Whittelsey, Huntington


There is only one question to ask those who support the un-American edict banning refugees. “How many of you would be here if your grandparents, or parents were denied entry because they came from Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, or Communist Russia?” And one can add those who fled the Iron Curtain in later years.

Richard M. Frauenglass, Huntington


Despite calls for President Donald Trump to put down his phone and lay off the tweets, I’m of another mind [“More protests over travel ban,” News, Jan. 30]. Never have we had such a window into the thoughts of a president. It’s an opportunity we should not miss.

We have the luxury to be reminded daily of our president’s concern with such things as TV ratings, the political views of movie stars, the quality of comedy on “Saturday Night Live,” his beefs with the news media and his admiration of Vladmir Putin. Let him keep his phone.

Dennis Dubey, Port Jefferson Station


I’ve been a Democrat since I was 18, but this time I voted Republican. My reason is, I voted for the message. I heard only one voice with a plan to keep our country safe and to improve our lives.

Our country is in a place it’s never been before. We find ourselves no longer protected on this land we call home.

A new age has dawned in which we are the prey of an ideology that wants us dead.

What I hear from President Donald Trump is a message from a man who speaks his mind without restraints of political correctness. We need to hear it even if it comes in an unexpected or unattractive way.

Trump doesn’t need the fame or fortune, and he’s proven he can build an empire and raise a family. We can learn to live with his quirks as long as his message is delivered in foresight and positive actions that benefit us all.

Not giving him a chance to succeed would be the antithesis of what our forefathers intended.

Anthony Ingoglia, Westbury