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Letters: U.S. involvement in Middle East

A member of the Islamist Syrian opposition group

A member of the Islamist Syrian opposition group Ahrar al-Sham fires against a militia set up to protect Kurdish areas in Syria during clashes in the countryside of the northern Syrian Raqqa province. (Aug. 25, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

The one most important thing we've learned since 9/11 is that radical Islamists in the Middle East not only do not wish us well, rather they wish us harm. What Syrian President Bashar Assad is doing to his people is heinous, but I do not want to help the Syrian people ["Syria: red lines, bad choices," Editorial, Aug. 28].

I do not want us to get embroiled in another conflict in that area of the world. If the Syrians want to kill each other, then let them. At least they won't be killing us.

Barbara Mehlman, Great Neck

By involving themselves in Middle Eastern civil wars, America and the rest of the free world are contributing to their own demise. The West is aiding in the radical takeover of Muslim countries.

What the Taliban couldn't accomplish on its own, the West is doing. Look at what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Douglass Robinson, Levittown