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Good Morning

LETTERS: Unemployment, Agent Orange and more

It's a little late to start job-hunting

Let me get this straight: After 99 weeks of unemployment , now the state Labor Department suggests people go to a one-stop career center? Really? How about going the first day you receive your benefits, or better yet, the first day you are laid off?

As a taxpayer, I expect something in return if you are going to hand out my money. I suggest you hand people a garbage bag and tell them for every bag you fill, you get X amount of dollars. Let the unemployed clean our parks, playgrounds and roadways.

Mike Inganamort


Agent Orange rule a welcome change

I'm one of the "ranchers" "Help for veterans," News, March 30] who unloaded those pallets holding black 55-gallon drums with orange bands around them (not knowing it was Agent Orange) from landing craft in Da Nang back in '69. There was an incident where I and my fellow squad members got soaked with this liquid as it poured out of one of the drums that was damaged and slipped off a forklift into the drink near the craft.

In 1980, I was diagnosed with an inflamed/enlarged liver that nearly killed me. This new proposed federal rule change is great news for my fellow (orange) "band of brothers."

Charlie Kaczorowski

West Hempstead

Offshore drilling is wrong energy move

I was disappointed to learn of President Barack Obama's authorization of oil exploration off the shores of the United States . The same environmentalists who fought the previous administrations on this issue must be clutching their chests and gasping for a breath of understanding after being shortchanged by a presidential candidate they wholly supported.

At a time when billions in taxpayer funds were pumped into the U.S. auto industry, that infusion should have included a stronger caveat that mandated greatly increased research on alternative energy vehicles. Give us a better battery and make electric vehicles affordable. These vehicles should be offered with the same federal tax incentives offered last year and be sales-tax-free to purchasers.

James P. Kelly


Raises? Seniors, no; public employees, yes

I think it's appalling that senior citizens were denied their Social Security raises even though the Medicare premium went up as did gas, food, utilities and taxes. Yet, government and state employees still got their raises, as did Congress.

I guess they needed that money to fund the health care program that no one wants and will take away more benefits from Medicare.

Paul Gergenti