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Letters: Use cameras to enforce laws -- or not

Speed cameras in front of the Dutch Broadway

Speed cameras in front of the Dutch Broadway School in Elmont on Aug. 31, 2014. Photo Credit: Newsday / Audrey C. Tiernan

Traffic law on Long Island is a matter of self-enforcement ["No longer a school, but speed-cam tickets mount," News, Jan. 18]. There aren't enough police in the world to adequately enforce traffic rules on the hundreds of thousands of drivers and roads. There are many who follow the rules, but there are far, far too many who have gotten extremely lax, and there are far too many who believe the rules do not apply to them at all.

Red-light running was epidemic before red-light cameras. It still is at intersections without cameras. Speeding through school zones is epidemic, as was clearly shown by the 400,000 tickets issued in only three months.

The HOV lane on 495 is another example. One afternoon, of the 50 cars that passed me, fewer than 10 had more than one person. Why? Because there is no enforcement.

The social contract we are all supposed to follow in a civilized society is breaking down.

We use technology everywhere to move things along more quickly and safely, such as scanning for metals at airports. So why shouldn't we use the same technology on our roadways? These are public roadways. Any expectation of privacy is unwarranted.

Use the roads at your discretion. If you violate the law, you are fined and fined and fined until you figure out your time is not more important than the next guy's.

George M. Lasher, Commack

Earlier this month, I was in traffic court contesting two camera-generated tickets I received near Sewanhaka High School. These cameras have since been removed, and I believe they were grossly unfair because their sole purpose had nothing to do with safety, but instead to simply generate income.

Since the cameras were nothing more than a money grab, why isn't the stolen money being returned to all who have been victims of this travesty?

Frank Antioco, Stewart Manor