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Letters: Varied angles on Islamic terrorism

Turkish army tanks and armored personnel carriers move

Turkish army tanks and armored personnel carriers move toward the Syrian border, in Karkamis, Turkey, aug. 25, 2016. Photo Credit: AP

While Newsday has an obligation to provide news coverage, it shouldn’t glorify the Chelsea bombing suspect by putting his picture on the front page, which is exactly what he was trying to achieve [“Captured after shootout,” News, Sept. 20]!

Bob Buscavage, Moriches


Use of the internet to radicalize people into joining the cause of Islamic terrorism should be a major issue in the presidential election [“Federal case against Rahami,” News, Sept. 21].

I’m very concerned that neither of the two major-party nominees for president has addressed this issue adequately. The Boston Marathon bombers, and the suspect in the Chelsea bombing, weren’t radicalized when they entered the United States.

We need Muslim communities here to help develop and participate in monitoring systems that will identify suspicious individuals. We also need more thorough investigations that will not allow these individuals to slip through.

Muslims here should be encouraged to report suspicious activities or individuals.

Richard Chance, Bayport