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Letters: ‘Watch out for the maintenance hole!’

Facebook said it will hire so-called bias advisers.

Facebook said it will hire so-called bias advisers.

Facebook’s decision to hire “bias advisers” has persuaded me to do the same [“Facebook adds bias advisers,” Business, May 3]. I find keeping up with changes in common parlance tough enough in old age. For the longest time, I thought “friends with benefits” meant they had health coverage or a pension.

Political correctness mystifies me. Why call a “manhole” a “maintenance hole”? By the time I grasp what “Watch out for the maintenance hole!” means, I’ve fallen to my doom.

I’ve just learned that I’m a “person of advanced age,” rather than a senior citizen. That’s fine, as long as I get my “person of advanced age” discount. When someone sneezes, I say, “God bless you” without knowing whether the sneezer is a believer. I’ll keep doing so until it becomes a hate crime or I’m mandated to attend sensitivity training.

People should be protected from me by a bias adviser!

Richard Epstein,West Babylon


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