We are a country in love with firearms, and no one wants to discuss the elephant in the room ["Gunman kills 27," News, Dec. 15]. Eight children die every day from gun violence, 18,000 people a year commit suicide with guns, and more than 400 deaths a year are caused by gun accidents. Now we are seeing more of these large-scale shootings by sick individuals with easy access to firearms designed for warfare and designed to kill a lot of people quickly.

It is past time for our leaders to take charge of this catastrophic situation and actually do something about it. A ban on all semiautomatic weapons by private citizens would be a good place to start. No one has any need to own weapons designed to kill many people and quickly, except police officers and the military.

The Second Amendment just does not apply any more and needs to be changed or rescinded. We are not living in the 1700s. Wake up, America, innocent people are needlessly dying.

Robin Wieder, East Rockaway

More senseless, unnecessary deaths at the hands of a crazed gunman. I'm sure a clear, but so far silent, majority of U.S. citizens wants the number and kinds of guns severely limited in this country. The right to keep and bear arms, as it is interpreted in this country, is an anachronism. Changes can be made that allow honest, mentally stable and law-abiding people to have some kind of access to certain kinds of guns, while those who would do us harm have no access to weapons like assault rifles and other types of weapons that use large clips and fire automatically.

I sincerely hope the silent majority will let our legislators, in both Congress and the State Legislature, know they must represent the people, not the National Rifle Association and their lackeys. Our legislators need to fear for their jobs more than a loss of money from the NRA.

Ronald Bode, Amityville

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When will this lunacy stop? When will we be outraged enough to stop the gun violence? I have yet to see an instance where a gun has been used to protect our civil liberties as championed by the gun lobby.

The recent interpretation of the Second Amendment by the U.S. Supreme Court, making gun ownership a right, is an abomination of logical thinking. The law is what keeps us safe, not guns. Could any sane person believe that the rights of the individual to bear arms is more important that the lives of innocent children?

The notion that a responsible citizen must have firearms to protect against a government that may become sinister is American psychosis at its worst. I am a gun owner, something I am no longer proud of.

Christopher Natale, Babylon

Request to all Americans: The only way to stop this madness is not to write your current congressional representative, but to collectively, for the next several elections, vote for only those who are for strict gun control. Only focus on this issue. It may take time, but then you will see things change.

Robert Damato, Floral Park