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Letters: When will the gun violence end?

Stuffed animals and flowers adorn a makeshift memorial

Stuffed animals and flowers adorn a makeshift memorial near the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, Wis., where a gunman killed six people this past Sunday. (Aug. 7, 2012) Credit: AP

Another mass shooting, another seven dead ["Rampage at Sikh temple," News, Aug. 6]. We will hear from gun supporters that we should not overreact. Apparently one of the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution (unbeknownst to me) is the right to be randomly shot, and we certainly don't want the government telling us who can and cannot shoot us. When does adherence to the Second Amendment interfere with the most basic duty of any government to protect its citizens?

Bruce Schoenberg, Smithtown

How many of these horrific events have to take place before politicians come together with law enforcement agencies all over this nation to stem the tide of such events, and to find solutions?

Does anyone really care, or has everyone become used to these horrific news reports? Perhaps it would behoove Newsday and other news outlets to put out sections on people making good news. Perhaps then we would take more notice of the horrendous things going on.

When did America become the land of the greed and the home of the depraved, and when will our leaders step up in a bipartisan manner to return our country to its former glory?

Marilyn Nunes Devlin, Rockville Centre

I'm sick and horrified about the amount of gun violence in our nation. Every day you hear of children being killed by stray bullets. Then you have the mass shootings with assault weapons and other firearms. Nowhere seems to be safe from this epidemic. I remember the Long Island Rail Road mass shooting by Colin Ferguson. Carolyn McCarthy ran for Congress on the issue of effective gun control laws. That was a long time ago.

Why hasn't the public told its leaders that this epidemic of gun violence needs to stop? The public has become so desensitized to the endless violence -- especially our youth, who watch and hear videos, movies and music depicting violence. Why haven't the leaders passed laws about effective gun control? This answer is simple. The politicians are afraid of the National Rifle Association.

On the other side, this issue may not only be about guns. Society has allowed itself to self-destruct. Poverty, hopelessness and lack of family support, supervision and nurturing are just some of the problems plaguing our nation. The American dream has been all but eliminated. And don't get me started about the racism, homophobia and sexism that permeate our culture.

We need to appreciate each other's gifts and not divide ourselves. We can't achieve anything without unity and determination.

Arthur Wood Jr., Woodhaven

Columbine, Norway, Fort Hood, Aurora, the Sikh temple and too many other mass shootings have several facts in common. In addition to being done by human monsters with firearms, they were perpetrated on unarmed groups of people.

Switzerland has no army, so citizens who are part of the nation's defense system are allowed to keep their weapons at home. Home invasion in Switzerland is virtually unheard of.

In Norway, privately owned automatic weapons are practically nonexistent. Yet, the monster Anders Behring Breivik was able to get everything that he needed to accomplish his shooting, which killed 69 people on the island of Utoya. In not one of these events were any of the victims able to defend themselves. Food for thought.

Jeff Dein, West Islip