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Letters: 'Winter wonderland' came to LI

Luke Gentile clears his driveway in St. James.

Luke Gentile clears his driveway in St. James. (Feb. 9, 2013) Credit: Steve Pfost

Are we on Long Island so impatient and self-centered ["Slow Going: As LI digs out, Suffolk residents frustrated by plowing delays," News, Feb. 11]? Really, we're already frustrated just two days after a storm dumped two feet of snow on a county with miles and miles of streets and roads? Personally, I spent the weekend marveling at the winter wonderland, as I suspect a lot of people did.

Setting an expectation that we ought to get anything we want immediately, and without pitching in and helping, does us no good. It certainly does the planet no good. If we are really going to make a dent in global warming, we are going have to pull together, and do a lot more sharing.

Better that you had put on the cover the story on Page A4 about homeowners banding together to clear their blocks.

Mark Kinnucan, Huntington Station

There is no doubt that great sledding is a wonderful aftereffect of a blizzard, but I was surprised to see Newsday's positive write up about sledding on the parkway embankments ["Blizzard of Ahhhhhhs!" News, Feb. 11]. Sledding on a highway embankment is incredibly dangerous, especially as the ramps along the embankments have been icy.

Children and adults getting in and out of cars put themselves in harm's way, and add stress for motorists. There are plenty of neighborhood areas to enjoy for safer sledding.

Theresa A. McKenna, Blue Point