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Letters: Worried about Nassau County property assessments

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran shows her executive

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran shows her executive order on property assessment with new County Assessor David Moog on Sept. 26. Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

I received my home’s new “tentative” assessment value from Nassau County and am dismayed [“County exec extols assessment reform efforts in $90M mailer,” News, Oct. 26].

The issue is not the lowering of the level of assessment from 0.25 percent to 0.1 percent, which the county says will set a more accurate tax roll. The real issue is the estimate of market value. I don’t know how the county arrived at $629,000 for my home when its own website shows a market value of $307,000 for 2020-21. In my case, the assessment doesn’t take into account the fact that a beer distributor and walk-in medical clinic behind my house hurt my property values.

I understand that the next tax rates have not been set yet, but I fear a steep increase, especially as a retiree on a fixed income. This is insane when we’re living in one of the highest-taxed areas of the country.

Christopher Kaiteris, Syosset

I received a letter from the Nassau Board of Assessment. Had I not looked carefully, I would have discarded it as junk mail as it was addressed only to “Homeowner.” I was shocked to read that the assessment of my home was being raised from $452,000 to $772,000. There was no mention of how this reassessment would affect my taxes and no explanation of how this value was determined. I have spoken with neighbors and friends from various communities, and so far I have not found any examples of an assessment that has been lowered or remained the same.

Why waste taxpayer money on a mailing that does nothing other than spread panic and raise questions? I have an appointment to meet with someone from the assessment board to try to clarify this mailing and reassessment, but I don’t have high hopes that I will leave feeling any better.

Frank Pedagno, Merrick

I received the new tax assessment letter from Nassau County. I have lived in Baldwin for 21 years and watched it become the poor stepchild of the area. Work on Town Square has been going on for most of that time and is still incomplete. Nassau otherwise isn’t getting any better.

I just sold my home for $100,000 less than the county’s new assessment. Good work there. Meantime, my family will be moving to low-tax North Carolina in December.

Jeff Ehrlich, Baldwin

Every year, I grieve my taxes and receive a reduction in my home’s assessed value.

A few reasons come to mind why homeowners do not apply for this relief: The homeowner does not live in the home, he or she desires to show a higher assessed value when the home is sold, the homeowner does not want to report improvements to the home, or the owner agrees with the assessed value.

Why should we have to be reassessed because other residents, perhaps for the reasons above, did not protest their assessments?

Robert Mulligan, New Hyde Park


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