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Letter: Limit commercial fishing

Commercial fishing vessels sit tied to the Shinnnecock

Commercial fishing vessels sit tied to the Shinnnecock commercial dock in Hampton Bays on Mar. 6, 2009. Credit: Doug Kuntz

In response to "Ease rules on LI fishing businesses" [Opinion, Feb. 19], I'm in favor of economic development, but not at the cost of our oceans.

This issue raises an obvious question: Why should New York State support commercial fishing when it is essentially a group of people entering our collectively owned public waterways, removing wildlife and then profiting from it? Fishermen do not own the oceans.

Many reports have shown that the world's oceans are overfished. Is Long Island the exception? Are we a society that sees only the economic side of this issue and is not willing to look at the ethical side?

Beth Fiteni, Oyster Bay