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Long Island exodus? Blame the taxes.

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Look no further than Long Island’s taxes

In your June 4 editorial, “Movin’ out,” the “puzzle” you describe regarding the continuing loss of Long Island’s population to other regions could be readily solved by Sherlock Holmes.

That character once wisely counseled that you “eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.” It’s taxes.

In a state that ranks first in the nation for overall tax burden, this answer is self-evident — despite the governor’s commercials about economic development. In Nassau County, whose government is absurdly responsible for paying the tax refunds of its school districts and towns, this burden is particularly toxic.

The late retailer Alan Fortunoff once told me that people vote with their feet. He was referring, of course, to where people shop, but his adage also equally applies here. When you live in an area where you have to work so hard just so you can pay your tax bills, the reasons Long Island is losing population should not be such a mystery.

Ronald J. Rosenberg, Old Westbury


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