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Letters: Loss of life in Middle East

A Palestinian man walks by buildings heavily damaged

A Palestinian man walks by buildings heavily damaged by Israeli strikes in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, Saturday, July 26, 2014. Photo Credit: AP / Lefteris Pitarakis

As someone who watches and reads almost every version of a story before I form an opinion, I'm getting nauseated by the coverage given this latest Hamas-Israeli conflict.

Some who are not as diligent would get the impression that the Israelis are butchering hundreds of people and barely losing anyone on their side. Let's be factual: Fewer Israelis have died because Israel has spent millions on its Iron Dome defense system, and its system of shelters, where citizens can be safe from attack.

The people governing Gaza have placed missiles among their citizens, in schools and in hospitals, putting innocents squarely in the sights of the Israeli defenses. Israel has no choice other than to destroy these armaments, resulting in countless unnecessary casualties. Further, Hamas has built a maze of underground tunnels into Israel for sneak attacks.

Now, to add insult to injury, Hamas is claiming the temporary cessation of flights into Ben Gurion International Airport as a victory! While I understand the need for caution, given the deplorable events in Ukraine, preventing landings in Israel is confounding, given that missiles have been flying from Gaza into Israel for weeks, and actually, over many years.

It is up to news outlets to portray these hostilities for what they are: the state of Israel defending its very existence, while terror organizations continually threaten her.

June Zeger, East Meadow

Why is the world so upset with Israel killing more than 1,200 Palestinians while protecting itself from rockets raining down on its cities? But very little is heard of the about 170,000 killed in Syria in more than three years, one-third of them civilians.

Samuel Richman, Melville

It's easy to determine "Which is worse?" ["Cartoon Roundup," Opinion, July 20]. The Hamas terrorist is feeding his children to the fire. The Israelis are trying to protect theirs. There is no moral equivalency. Shame on Newsday for suggesting that there is.

Joel Diamond, Deer Park


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