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Letter: Lots of unfairness in tax codes

The tax code has reached a critical mass

The tax code has reached a critical mass of complexity that renders it almost unreformable. Credit: iStock

Columnist Joye Brown states that the veterans tax exemption would increase the amount non-veterans would have to pay ["Workable exemptions," News, April 17].

I'm sure that some non-veterans would feel it isn't fair. What I think is unfair is that my income is about $35,000 to $40,000 and house value is approximately $350,000. I have no children in school.

Now, take a couple who are both working with an income of about $100,000, and they have two kids in school. If their house value is $300,000, then I am paying a higher school tax.

Dominick Monti, East Rockaway

Editor's note: The writer is a WWII veteran.