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Good Afternoon

Make exception for oil delivery in extreme weather

Wayne Holland of the Suburban Propane company delivers

Wayne Holland of the Suburban Propane company delivers oil in Barre, Vt.

Temperatures on Long Island were subfreezing for nearly two weeks [“Record cold stretch,” News, Jan. 7]. The pipes froze in my neighbor’s house, my oil tank was close to empty, and my oil company was not responding to my call for a delivery.

A competitor’s truck was on my street, right next door to my home. I asked the driver to deliver oil to my house. He said he had no authority to do that and could not take money. He advised me to call his company, which I did immediately. That company said it did not have the authority to open an account for me.

Who can authorize these companies to work together in a crisis? They need clauses in their contracts to allow them to do what is in their power. This is not a time for loyalty to company. It’s time to help people in the community in a crisis.

Diane M. Santangelo, Stony Brook