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Maybe fines would encourage recycling

A single stream recycling bin.

A single stream recycling bin. Credit: Newsday / David Olson

Maybe fines would encourage recycling

The story about scammers sending letters to Town of Brookhaven residents about waste management violations brought up a sore subject with me [“Residents warned on waste scam,” News, May 19]. That is, the lack of enforcement of recycling in this town.

Brookhaven has single-stream recycling, which is pretty easy. Throw out all of your paper, metal and plastics on the same day, no sorting required.

Yet, as I take my daily walk through the neighborhood, I’m amazed at the amount of cardboard that I see going out with the regular trash. Often, people group all the cardboard, but they just put it out for the regular trash pickup.

While I don’t expect town inspectors to go through garbage pails, when it’s out in the open, why not leave a warning notice to the homeowners?

Maybe some fines would encourage people to do their part in the battle of waste management and recycling.

Laura Smith, Centereach