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Letter: Methadone programs can beat addiction

Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC announced Monday, Sept. 30, 2013,

Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC announced Monday, Sept. 30, 2013, that it plans to buy four generic drugs from a competitor for an undisclosed amount. Credit: iStock

I wrote this based on my personal experience and in the hopes of helping other addicts ["Law would give addicts best chance at recovery," News, March 10].

Heroine is such a gripping drug, it knows no bounds, it will swallow you up and spit you out. When you hit rock bottom from a heroin or opiate habit, the hole is nearly impossible to climb out of. There is a mental aspect to any addiction, but with opiates there is also a physical withdrawal that is unbearable.

There is an ongoing misconception that methadone treatment just hooks the addict on a new drug. This is false. Technically, it's a drug, but if it's administered in the correct manner, it has extremely beneficial medicinal qualities. Therefore, I consider it a medicine.

People are starting to come around as they become more educated on opiate addiction and as exposure to its treatments increases. In turn, they are realizing methadone treatment is necessary. If the patients get it in a controlled environment, are provided ample tools -- group meetings, assigned counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, vocational counselors -- and are completely active in recovery, then treatment programs work.

Michael S. Daniels, Garden City