I just read "Life and theft on the 6:01 to Hicksville" [Expressway, April 19.

The incident of the man who stayed too long in the bathroom to avoid paying his Long Island Rail Road fare made me sad. A person has to be pretty darn desperate to stay in a train bathroom longer than a minute or two!

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Amazing that the writer even came up with a title for the guy: the evader! When the guy who reported "the evader" to the conductor then flashed cash to pay the fare -- not to help, but in an attempt to further embarrass the guy -- I literally let out a sigh.

Kindness really does matter. Who knows what this guy was dealing with? The whistle-blower and everyone else thinking the worst of this guy missed out on an opportunity to lift him up rather than put him down. It can change you and the person you help in a positive way.

Patricia Quinn, Rockville Centre