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Letters: Mixed feelings on VA care

War vets John Walis, 45, of Bay Shore,

War vets John Walis, 45, of Bay Shore, and Jarrett Gimbl 32, of Holbrook, with their companions Tommy (the white dog) and Gunny, came out in support of drawing attention to veterans committing suicide at a press conference at Huntington Town Hall on April 10, 2014. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

I spent 26 years on active duty in the Navy and was then mistakenly told by the Veterans Affairs hospital in Northport that I was not considered a veteran and was therefore not entitled to medical care. Here's a surefire way to fix the VA medical problem: Force all members of Congress and their dependents to use VA medical facilities. You can bet that things would get fixed in a hurry.

William Van Sickle, Brentwood

Other than defend us against injustices around the world and ensure our freedom, what have our veterans done to deserve such treatment? This is a disgraceful condition that our president continues to ignore.

Ed Quinlan, New Hyde Park

Recent critics of the VA have been painting the entire system as mismanaged, but here on Long Island we can be proud of our system, which has provided my health care since 1970.

I have never waited more than three weeks for an appointment, my doctor's office testing equipment is state of the art, my doctor calls me with the results of my lab test the same day blood is drawn, and all my records are available to me on the VA's website.

I am 80 and am proud of the 44 years of excellent care from the VA and its caring staff.

Bob Birk, Medford