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Letter: Modest teacher contracts misdirected

Kindergarten teacher Melissa Mazzalonga asks students questions inside

Kindergarten teacher Melissa Mazzalonga asks students questions inside her classroom at Washington Elementary School in Huntington, Thursday, April 3, 2014. Credit: Steve Pfost

So teachers are finally getting rational by giving up hard-earned and deserved compensation and benefits ["A sign of rationality in LI teacher contracts," Editorial, April 28], and this will help solve Long Island's money woes? Newsday is insulting and disingenuous.

The fact is that Long Island teachers have been subsidizing the schools forever, and even more so since the recession.

Why are Long Islanders so foolish? Why do we send $2 billion-plus more to Albany in taxes than we get back in aid to our schools? So our governor can redistribute it to his crony capitalist friends via reduced tax rates for the wealthiest New Yorkers, many of whom funded his election? Sounds like a quid pro quo to me.

And then we pay more in property taxes as we try to maintain the best schools in New York. Newsday should report more on this financial inequity instead of scapegoating teachers.

When will we rise up to correct this financial mess before it destroys our Long Island? The suggestion put forth by the Working Families Party for a third-party candidate for governor is interesting, but I fear it may only serve to elect a Republican, which wouldn't improve finances on Long Island.

We must demand our fair share.

Mary Ellen Pantaleo, Center Moriches

Editor's note: The writer is a retired teacher.