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Letter: More senior housing needed

Country Pointe at Plainview conceptual renderings.

Country Pointe at Plainview conceptual renderings. Credit: Beechwood Organization

I read with some disappointment the letter about Plainview becoming too dense ["Housing plan too dense for Plainview," March 12].

I moved to this area more than 45 years ago, but I appreciate the changes. We need senior housing so we can continue to live here, as well as more affordable housing for the younger generation so it doesn't move away.

The Town of Oyster Bay is to be commended for the senior housing complexes built throughout the town. People in other townships say they wish they had more places like that, so they wouldn't have to move away from where they've lived most of their lives, and have their adult children relocate, too.

I consider it progress, not "urban sprawl."

Maia Gaiti, Bethpage

The letter writer who advocated refurbishing old school buildings as over-55 housing was on the mark ["Old schools should open to new life," March 12].

We fought for almost 20 years against a mega-mall development at the former Cerro Wire property in Syosset. This mall would have attracted thousands of people, nightmare traffic and produced a poor quality of life for our community.

I would welcome with open arms a place to move to so I could stay in the community I love for another 20 to 30 years.

Kevin H. Fox, Jericho