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Letter: MTA responsible for math errors

The MTA has asked President Obama to appoint

The MTA has asked President Obama to appoint another Presidential Emergency Board to help settle an impasse between the agency and labor unions. Credit: Chris Ware

When the Metropolitan Transportation Authority contracts to build a tunnel for $4.3 billion and miscalculates by more than $4 billion, no one even blinks an eye ["East Side access," News, March 7]!

However, when the MTA makes a mistake in someone's retirement of about $27,000, it's major news ["MTA to LIRR widow: We erred on pension, you owe us $26G," News, March 6].

Considering that the MTA can afford a $4-billion goof, I really do not understand why the agency can't absorb a meager $27,000 mistake. The MTA should own up to its fallibility and keep quiet about how incompetent it really is.

If you can't correctly calculate retirement costs, how can you build a multibillion-dollar tunnel?

Roy Willis, Massapequa