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Letter: Nassau fee hike is the last straw

Williston Park firefighters continue to work at the

Williston Park firefighters continue to work at the scene after 13 fire departments, including about 100 firefighters, battled a five-alarm blaze that damaged a line of stores and businesses on Willis Avenue near Goodrich Street in Williston Park early Thursday morning, July 24, 2014, Nassau County fire officials said. Credit: Howard Schnapp

I built a fire alarm into my house burglar alarm. I did this because I'm away a lot, and I have a better chance of protecting my home than if I used a fire alarm that relies on batteries. My system includes a central station that can be notified quickly and minimize fire damage.

I just recently received my Nassau County fire alarm permit renewal, and to my surprise it has gone from $60 to $90 for three years. I should be able to protect my house with a fire alarm for free. I already pay $285 a year for the central station service, and I'm glad to do so to protect my family. I see this fee as officials taxing me for protecting myself.

Like many others, I'm just waiting to move off the Island and take my retirement with me.

Edie Cunningham, Rockville Centre