According to "Inside Nassau labor deals" [News, March 23], detectives could receive a 40 percent pay increase over four years. Did anyone estimate the resulting rise in the cost of pensions?

This all seems like the usual sellout of taxpayers. The idea of guaranteeing cost of living allowances is absurd. If an allowance is included, why not tie it to the Social Security adjustment each year?

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Shall we compare the proposed deal to the real world of private industry? During the past recession, many companies reduced pay to retain employees. When companies recovered, there was no catch-up in pay. People were happy just to keep their jobs and receive small increases.

Private industry has almost entirely eliminated pensions because businesses realized they were committing to the unknown. With people living longer and retiring at a relatively young age, the same scenario is likely to be repeated in many municipalities.

Alan Gasner, Woodmere