Your article on long-term unemployed people was right on target ["LI's long-term unemployed hard times for thousdands," News, March 31]. It doesn't matter what the "unemployment rate" is; unemployment is a major problem on Long Island and throughout the entire nation.

Many people who have found jobs are earning much less than at the positions they lost. With respect to those who have not found work, as detailed in your article, the situation is even sadder.

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Those who would be entitled to extended unemployment insurance are people who worked. If you never worked, you would not qualify for benefits. Shame on those members of Congress who refuse to help people who have worked and now cannot find work and face financial ruin.

I understand that we are sending financial aid to the Ukraine. Our nation can afford to help the long-term unemployed, too. It's politics standing in the way.

Clifford J. Watins, Commack