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NATO members must make good on military spending

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump walks on stage

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump walks on stage during the third day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Wednesday, July 20, 2016. Credit: AP

NATO members must fund their shares

President Donald Trump was quite clear that the other NATO members need to pay their fair share [“Trump lashes out at NATO allies,” News, May 26].

With 23 of 28 nations shirking their obligations, how can anybody deem this an equitable arrangement? In particular, what example does Germany, a country that is recognized as a worldwide leader, set by not moving more quickly to meet the guideline that nations contribute 2 percent of their GDP?

Why do the U.S. media characterize Trump’s request for payment parity as aggressive? Trump is 100 percent correct to ask our partners to pay what they pledged.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany recently said European members can no longer fully count on the support of others — meaning Trump. Why doesn’t Merkel properly address the payment issue instead?

Allen Goldmeier,Oyster Bay