By imposing a lifetime ban on Donald Sterling, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver left no doubt that the NBA stands for No Bigots Allowed ["No place in the NBA," News, April 30].

Sterling is a dinosaur, and we all know what happened to them.

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Lee Nober, Old Bethpage

Editor's note: The author teaches sports management at Walt Whitman High School and Farmingdale State College.

While I support the NBA decision to ban Donald Sterling, I am bothered that we fail to hold our professional athletes accountable for their actions. We've all seen the domestic violence, drug and assault charges -- not to mention the recent bomb threat by a 49ers player when he was questioned at the airport -- come and go without any real action taken.

What Sterling said is not where we should be today, and he is going to pay a very high price. But he didn't do any physical harm or jeopardize anyone's well-being. Our athletes' actions have a big impact on society. Maybe it's time we start seeing athletes banned for life.

John Gaudio, Kings Park