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Good Morning

Needed safety tips for runners

A Crime Stoppers officer hangs rewards posters outside

A Crime Stoppers officer hangs rewards posters outside a vigil for Karina Vetrano at Vetro in Howard Beach, Wednesday evening, August 3, 2016. Vetrano, a jogger, was found dead in the marshes near 161st Ave. and 78th St. in Queens, late Tuesday. Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

I was appalled to learn that two female runners were killed during the past two weeks [“Jogger images sought,” News, Aug. 12].

There are deranged miscreants who have no regard for human life. As a runner for 56 years, I strongly recommend precautionary steps for all female runners.

Arm yourself and do not hesitate to use your weapon if accosted. Carry an extendable baton or pepper spray and use it when necessary.

Run with a partner or two, or a dog.

Stay out of the woods or parks. Stay out in the open. Don’t run in the dark.

Learn martial arts techniques. Carry a loud whistle. Don’t wear headsets when running. Your senses must be sharp and uninterrupted.

It’s sad that we have deteriorated to this point in our society.

Ed Quinlan, New Hyde Park