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Letter: New fees paid by regular 'slob'

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, shown on Friday,

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, shown on Friday, May 2, 2014 in Uniondale. Credit: Howard Schnapp

They should call Nassau County "Nutty County" ["Fee hikes in works," News, May 15]. The name fits better. County Executive Edward Mangano wants to raise more fees on overtaxed Nassau residents, for parks and golf, to pay for labor contracts and to cover losses from traffic-ticket scofflaws. This is unbelievable.

I guess it's easier to raise fees on regular taxpayers than it is to get to the crux of the problem: Many people, including those in this country illegally, use services without paying one cent in taxes. They are entitled to medical care, housing, food stamps and schooling while living in cramped illegal apartments. Everybody has "rights"; all the moochers line up for their freebies and demand more.

Why can't county workers go after this lost revenue from the people who are not paying? My hunch is that some county agencies are corrupt and politically driven.

I have to pay for this mess because the bloated Nassau County bureaucracy cannot function properly. Maybe instead of paying all these cute little added fees, I can just make out one big check to the county to cover everything. Since these fees are really taxes, we can call it a slob tax.

I am still trying to live here, but I do not think I will make it.

Mike Pedano, South Farmingdale