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Letters: New York unfriendly to gun maker

A Glock 29 10-mm pistol hangs on display

A Glock 29 10-mm pistol hangs on display with other Glock hand guns at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade show in Las Vegas. (Jan. 18, 2012) Credit: AP

Good riddance to Remington Arms. I'm delighted that the gun maker is moving two of its top-selling lines from Ilion, outside of Albany, to firearms-friendly Alabama.

Remington's Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle was Adam Lanza's main weapon at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The R1 pistol, which also will be manufactured out of state, is another serious firearm.

It's sad that 80 New York employees will lose their jobs, but their wages are blood money. Our cemeteries and hospitals are filled with the results of Remington's products. Why doesn't Remington remove its entire weapons arsenal from New York?

Pack up everything -- lock, stock and gun barrel -- and leave. We don't need a merchant of murder here.

Dick Reif, Flushing

I find Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's stance on gun control extremist. His policies have driven out corporations with historical significance, such as Remington Arms.

By the way, people do hunt with semi-automatic rifles like the ones the state banned.

Larry Cowden, South Hempstead