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Good Afternoon

Newsday letters to the editor for Friday, Aug. 4, 2017

President Donald Trump listens to a presentation in

President Donald Trump listens to a presentation in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017. Credit: AP / Evan Vucci

Trump is standing up to the firestorm

Don’t the mainstream media realize that we are experiencing a historic event?

A fairly wealthy man waded through the cutthroat business world to emerge at the top of the heap. This same man has moved from political novice to the presidency of the United States [“Nation should pull together around Trump,” Letters, July 23].

Yet the crazed media and Democrats hate President Donald Trump so much that they are coming unhinged. Democrats blame their losses on former FBI Director James Comey’s statements, fake news and collusion with Russia.

Trump has been hit by just about every conceivable political force, and he has remained standing!

Walter McCarthy,Massapequa

Irony in president’s visit to LI college

Last week, the president was at Suffolk County Community College to deliver a speech to law enforcement professionals regarding gang violence [“Trump vows to ‘destroy’ MS-13 gang,” News, July 29].

Most at the college felt the request to hold the event here had to be honored. In fact, college President Shaun McKay sent a statement to the college community the night before the visit.

He wrote, “No matter what your political affiliation, our college will host the president of the United States for the very first time in our history. This is a noteworthy moment and one that brings us forward as an institution.

“Please note that President Trump is coming to Long Island to address law enforcement and is not coming to our campus in response to an invitation from the college.”

Given the content of President Donald Trump’s speech, it’s ironic that the college is about inclusion, opportunity and transformation, not divisiveness and scapegoating.

In fact, many of our students are the first in their families to attend college. Many work several part-time jobs and are raising families. Many transfer to prestigious colleges. Most stay on Long Island or move back after completing their studies, and help grow the economy. That’s what education can do.

Kevin Peterman,Brentwood

Editor’s note: The writer is president of the faculty association of Suffolk Community College.

Fears of ICE reduce community safety

Of course gang violence needs to be addressed — but with effective strategies. President Donald Trump’s policies and practices are driving the immigrant community deeper into the shadows [“Trump vows to ‘destroy’ MS-13 gang,” News, July 29].

Fear of deportation often prevents immigrants from reporting crimes and gang activity. The Nassau County district attorney’s office notes that calls to its immigrant affairs tips hotline are way down in 2017.

This fear is greatly exacerbated by the presence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents at the Suffolk County sheriff’s office, which subjects arrested individuals to deportation before they are proved guilty of any crime. Suffolk honors administrative warrants, such as ICE detainer requests, which do not require the finding of probable cause by a judge.

ICE has acknowledged that honoring detainer requests is voluntary, not mandatory. Also, as deportations of hardworking, nonviolent immigrants increase, children left behind are at greater risk for gang involvement.

To make communities safer, we need immigrants to work with local law enforcement, and that requires trust. We should oppose law enforcement cooperation with immigration enforcement on the grounds that it harms public safety.

Brad Lindell,Ronkonkoma

Editor’s note: The writer is a member of Patchogue People Power, which organizes in opposition to the Trump administration.

Suspicious of Trump panel on elections

President Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity wants states to provide public voter data [“Protect nation’s voting systems,” Editorial, July 11]. This can’t go forward.

This is a partisan tool of our executive and cannot be considered a legitimate body. Its mission is mythical, its methods undefined, its security doubtful. The future of its data, its product, the dissemination of its findings and any provisions for oversight, review or correction are nonexistent.

Trump is federalizing a state function.

Brian P. Kelly,Rockville Centre